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Spy shop – Top 5 Spy Gadgets

Espionage or spying is referred to as a practice of collecting information secretly or confidentially and the equipment used for spying is called spy gear. Today, there are various spy stores that are selling spy equipment and you can find amazing spy gadgets that offer incredible functionality. Spy gadgets come in various shapes, sizes and disguises. This article discusses top 5 most popular spy gear.
1. Vehicle Tracking Devices: GPS vehicle tracking devices are commonly referred to as global positioning systems and are widely used to track the movement of vehicles or people. They are very compact and can be easily hidden anywhere in the vehicle. They allow you to monitor every movement and keep a tab on the target. These spy gadgets transmit signal through Global Navigation Satellite System and thus give accurate position of the target. Our website provides info on  spy camera
You can use GPS vehicle tracking devices to spy on your spouse, children and for other investigation purposes. Transport companies also use this device to track the movement of the vehicles. Apart from this, organizations offering cab services or official vehicles to employees can also use GPS vehicle tracking devices to keep a check.
2. Spy Cams: Spy cameras are more commonly referred to as hidden cameras because they are available in the shape of various objects, such as mirrors, smoke alarm,, briefcases, hats, glasses, toys, pens, clocks, calculators, radios, and more. Today these cameras are widely used in homes to keep a watch on nanny’s behavior, to catch cheating spouse or to watch maids and servants.
Many big organizations are also deploying spy cams to catch hold of disloyal employees and keep a check on inventory theft, fraud and embezzlement. Spy cameras are equipped with high-end technology and offer wide angel viewing in varied lighting conditions. Retail stores can use spy cams to prevent shoplifting.
3. Phone Recorders: Phone recorders are used for taping phone conversations, either for spying or for business purpose. Important client communication and phone conferences can be recorded. Also, BPOs can use phone conversation recorders to make sure that their employees are dealing with customers suitably.
They have become very popular recently due to their compact size and astounding technology. There are various types of phone recorders available that can be used with home phones or cell phones. Digital phone recorders offer excellent functionality and have no beep or click sounds that can make the people talking suspicious about the footage.

4. Keyboard Loggers: Keyboard loggers are used to record keystrokes and are widely used to spy at home or office. It can either be a hardware or software installed on PC. Such hardware/software keeps track of e-mail, chat, IM, internet addresses, websites visited, passwords or encryption key phrases and other computer activities. There are a wide variety of keyboard loggers available in various make and models.
Keyboard loggers and easy to install and are compatible with all types of computers. In offices, a keyboard logger can be used to keep a check on your employees’ online activities. This helps managers know who is serious about work and who is wasting time. Parents can use keyboard loggers to monitor their kids and one can also keep a check on ones lover or spouse using this spying software or device. They are excellent tools for fighting cyber crime.
5. Bug Detectors: With so many spy equipment around it seems that the spy technology is intervening the privacy of the people so to protect your personal space spy industry has developed bug detectors. Bug detectors are used to identify hidden cameras, microphones, phone recorders, video transmitters, and other phone, room and body bugs. Bug detector makes you aware about spy gadgets being used and protects your privacy.